1984 is one of our traditional escape rooms, in which players can find padlocks, keys and number codes besides brainteasers. Although it’s based on the novel written by George Orwell, the room is playable and enjoyable for people that are not familiar with the original story. In case you know the book or the movie, you can find many small details and pieces of decoration inside that will give you an even better experience. It’s not an easy room but we recommend it to beginners or even brave first-timers as well, just keep in mind: Big Brother is watching you! Always!

Can you break the system?


Heaven & Hell


Our Heaven&Hell room is definitely a player favourite due to its unusual story and unique puzzles. There are only a few padlocks representing traditional escape rooms in this game, the features of new generation escape games are dominant due to the special self-made mechanisms and puzzles. We recommend this room to experienced players who have played several escape rooms before but smart and courageous beginners can also visit the afterlife (the question is can they come back…?). The experience will be memorable either way, even unearthly, especially if you can visit both hell and heaven in an hour.

Are you ready for the journey?




Santa Muerte is one of our most challenging rooms and our first game that absolutely belongs to the new generation of escape rooms. It welcomes the brave adventurers with puzzles that they’ve never seen before and a truly unique atmosphere.

This room is so creative that not only there are no padlocks inside but we can guarantee that none of the players will leave on their two feet. We recommend the room to experienced players that have seen many escape rooms before; they might stand a chance of escaping from the Lady of Bones.

Can you make it out in one piece?


Secret Subway


Secret Subway is our newest and most challenging room. The atmosphere and the decoration evokes the 19th century, the puzzles are authentic but were made with such unique technologies that it is among the most modern escape rooms in the city.

The team has to make all the inventions of the mysterious inventor work in order to reach the final goal of figuring out the real identity of the person behind them. The numerous puzzles are very complex, we only truly recommend this room to really experienced players, this is not a game for beginners!

Are you ready for the biggest challenge?




Circus was the first escape room that we built and is the easiest out of our five rooms but this doesn’t mean that the players don’t have to make an effort to escape!

It’s a traditional escape room with keys, codes and padlocks. The game is not linear but it’s a perfect choice for first-timers because fun and light puzzles demonstrate the reason why more and more people fall in love with this type of activity.

There is nothing to fear in the Little Circus, we also recommend the room to players that get scared easily (there might be a clown inside, but don’t worry, he doesn’t bite!).

Will you take on the challenge?